Wojciech Zamecznik. Total Design

Wojciech Zamecznik (1923-1967) was a remarkable exponent of the Polish School of Posters, a photographer and experimenter in the fields related to film and photography. For his entire life, he lived and worked in Warsaw, he also taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where he conducted a photo-graphic design studio in the years preceding his death.

VEHA: Bachelorette Night

Archeology of Photography Foundation is happy to invite you to a hosted exhibition by Belorussian artists group Veha (veha.by).
Belorussian artists group Veha (veha.by). Collective locates vernacular photography in the central point of their interest. Archival photographs from private collections searched throughout entire Belarus, turn into a tool aimed at studying tradition, history, and collective memory.

Virtual Museum of Photography

Virtual Museum of Photography, available at: www.fotomuzeum.faf.org.pl, is a new base of photographs and knowledge on Polish photography.
The expanded portal allows a free browse through scans from archives studied and prepared by Archeology of Photography Foundation, but also through selected photography collections from other institutions – i.a. Jewish Historical Institute, Fundacja Pola Magnetyczne (Magnetic Fields Foundation), Fundacja dla Filmu i Fotografii (Foundation for Film and Photography), and Stowarzyszenie Dokumentalistów Droga (Documentary Photographers Association ‘The Road’).