Krzysztof Pijarski documents Dlubak’s archive

In the course of research on Zbigniew Dlubak’s archive the Foundation extended an invitation to Krzysztof Pijarski, photographer, art historian and critic. Setting out to document the collection in photographs, Pijarski followed his own interpretative threads. In researching an archive, documenting a state prior to ordering, segregating, classifying, and distributing, etc. is of utmost importance.

How things are done in Rotterdam...

In February 2009 Foundation employees traveled to the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. The visit was aimed at gathering knowledge of local standards for storing and digitizing photographs. Owing to the hospitality of the curators and conservators of the Museum, we were able to acquaint ourselves with the workings of the institution’s archive.

Zbigniew Dlubak - "Peripheral Landscape" in Asymetria Gallery

Research in the archive of Zbigniew Dlubak has shed light on a fragment of the least known period in the artist’s practice. In the 1950s, having withdrawn himself from artistic and public life, the artist abandoned avant-garde experiments in order to turn towards documentary photography. From 1950 to 1962, Dlubak photographed desolate cityscapes and scenes from small town life, turning their ugliness and gloomy atmosphere into an artistic value.

Research on Zbigniew Dlubak’s archive begins

In October 2008 an archive of Zbigniew Dlubak was integrated: boxes with negatives, prints, manuscripts, exhibition documentation, etc. kept in Meudon, near Paris, were brought by the Foundation to the artist’s former apartment in Poland, where they joined other materials and works left behind by Dlubak. Research in the archive scheduled for November promises a great number of interesting discoveries.