Factory and Form – Exhibition of Photographs by Tadeusz Suminski

This exhibition offers the first glimpse into material from the archive of the outstanding landscape photographer Tadeusz Suminski, currently being researched by the Foundation. It features a selection of works made during the period when Suminski worked as the photographer for the African and Asian edition of “Polska” monthly (“La Revue Polonaise”, “The Polish Review”, published by Polonia press).

Peripheral Landscape in Lublin’s Zacheta

From April 17 to May 8 the exhibition Peripheral Landscape [Krajobraz peryferyjny] was on view at the Association for the Encouragement of Fine Arts [Zacheta] in Lublin. The presentation was accompanied by a lecture on the oeuvre of Zbigniew Dlubak delivered by Karolina Lewandowska.

Zbigniew Dlubak - "Peripheral Landscape" in Asymetria Gallery

Research in the archive of Zbigniew Dlubak has shed light on a fragment of the least known period in the artist’s practice. In the 1950s, having withdrawn himself from artistic and public life, the artist abandoned avant-garde experiments in order to turn towards documentary photography. From 1950 to 1962, Dlubak photographed desolate cityscapes and scenes from small town life, turning their ugliness and gloomy atmosphere into an artistic value.