Katarzyna Mirczak, et(h)er

Katarzyna Mirczak, et(h)er
book concept by: Katarzyna Mirczak
archival photographs: Departament of Forensic Medicine of the Jagiellonian University Medical Collegephotographs
colour photographs: from the ‘Tool of Crimes’ series: Katarzyna Mirczak
authors: Iwona Kurz, Katarzyna Mirczak, Adam Mazur
graphic design by: Maja Kaszkur
language version: Polish / English
pages: 128, illustrations: 67
dimensions: 18 x 13 cm
published: 2012
publishers: Archeology of Photography Foundation, Erick Franck Fine Art, London
published under the Living Archive series
print run: 300
price: 8 EUR
packaging and shipping fee:
2 EUR (Poland), 5 EUR (international)

Co-financed of the Living Archive Project: The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


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