Foundation’s Objectives:

1. To work for the public benefit in the field of art and culture, as well as education and science

2. To support national heritage through archiving, preserving, safekeeping and making it accessible for scientific and artistic needs, as well to promote unique collections of photographs remaining in private custody or in possession of the Foundation in Poland and abroad.

3.  To support all creative activity in the field of photography


The Foundation pursues its objectives through:

1.  Establishing an archive site with its own premises that serves the role of an archive, gallery and a venue for educational activity,

2. Cataloguing digitizing, researching and making publicly accessible, documents and films from our own collection, collections with which the Foundation was entrusted, and private collections, with the use of highest standards in the field.

3. Collecting documents, photographs, negatives and other materials related to the history of photography

4. Creating a database accessible on-line

5. Conserving objects

6. Developing preemptive conservation

7. Extending protection to private collections

8. Initiating scientific research with the aim of developing knowledge and memory, regarding professional, artistic, scientific and amateur photography

9. Running a professional library

10. Organizing exhibitions in Poland and abroad

11. Conducting educational activity – organizing conferences, seminars, training, practical and scientific workshops, as well as supporting individual projects in the field

12. Organizing research trips in the field of photography history and theory

13. Establishing cooperation in the field of archiving, conservation and research on photography, with analogous cultural institutions, governmental and local bodies, and cultural institutions in Poland and abroad

14. Conducting publishing activity and disseminating publications

15. Promoting knowledge and modern methodologies of researching the history of photography by translating foreign texts into Polish

16. Promoting our own research by making the results accessible in all forms

17. Supporting action towards establishing a museum and research center devoted to criticism and the history of photography,

18. Supporting university teaching of art history and promoting knowledge on art

19. Publishing didactic aids (handbooks, translations, anthologies of texts, CD-ROMs, etc.) in the field of research on art

20. Distributing the above-mentioned publications

21. Supporting scientific research

22. Cooperating with public institutions and non-governmental organizations in the scope defined by the Foundation’s objectives as well as cooperating with museums, galleries and institutions for artistic education.


In order to achieve the above objectives, the Foundation can also support any activity in accordance with its own objectives, as well as cooperate with other institutions, organizations and individuals.


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