Chrząszczowa photographed works of handicraft for Warsaw’s Institute of Industrial Design (IWP). She arranged the items on a neutral background in a manner typical for catalogue photos. As part of the same project, but for her own purposes, she also documented old cast-iron doorknobs.


Seeking out and photographing cast-iron doorknobs was Chrząszczowa’s pastime. Made during her many trips, the photographs form a collection of miniature handicraft objects shaped to resemble animals, plants, spirals and so on. The pictures were taken over many years, with a selflessness characteristic for collectors of everyday objects.
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Shoes and accessories, 1954

To improve wearer comfort and hygiene, especially in the hot months, the Institute of Industrial Design (IWP) promoted new shoe design techniques. Brogues, sandals and flip-flops, made using lightweight fabrics and thin leather, were to replace the customary all-year non-breathable pigskin pumps. The catalogue in which Chrząszczowa’s photographs were featured opens with an introductory text explaining the basics of shoe design.
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