Landscapes 1950 - 1962

In 1950 Zbigniew Dlubak began developing his “Landscapes” series which marked the end of the radical formal experiments that characterized his practice in the late 1940s. After the first tests with outdoor photography, which betrayed his fascination with mood and chiaroscuro qualities, the artist found his own way of breaking with the picturesque tendencies that dominated Polish landscape photography at the time. Up until 1962, when the series was concluded, Dlubak was taking subdued, unattractive, shots of Warsaw and its surroundings, where monotony, a lack of contrast, and banality in regard to the motif photographed, became a formal principle.

Landscapes – view from a window in Mokotow, 1957-1962

From 1957 Zbigniew Dlubak was living on Pulawska street in Mokotow district, where he also had his studio until the beginning of the1960s. Still interested in his immediate surroundings, he took a number of photographs from the window that betray his fascination with slight changes the existence, regularities, or differences of which, are only revealed in a photographic image.
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