Journeys, 60s – 70s

He was a documentary photographer, worked as a fashion photographer, made numerous shots of industrial details. However, as he was heading towards the end of his artistic work, Tadeusz Sumiński confessed that the only consequent occurrence in his photographic work was that he remained faithful to his favorite topic, landscape.
Photographs presented in this gallery come from the second half of the sixties and seventies, the time when Sumiński is an independent and distinguished photographer. He travels in the Mediterranean area, the Balkans, Africa, the Black Sea shore and Mongolian steppes. He comes back with hundreds of colorful impressions of the unfamiliarly structured landscape, also the landscape influenced by human activity. In Turkey he finds a brutalist restaurant embedded in an idyllic beach or a dromedary herdsman among endless bushes of tamarisk. In Georgia he photographs ruins lost on mountain slopes, in Moscow – reflexes on golden domes of Orthodox churches. Travelling in Africa he maunders through ports, where he finds dramatic sunsets, as well as Polish details.
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