Posters' reproductions

Wojciech Zamecznik carefully documented his work, sticking the photographic reproductions of his posters onto A4-format sheets of white paper. The year of the making has been marked on each reproduction, but it is not clear whether by Zamecznik himself or his wife, Helena. The majority of the presented works are movie posters for Polish, Soviet, Italian, Yugoslavian, Czechoslovak and later also British and Swedish productions currently in distribution. There are also exhibition posters, including for the famous "The Family of Man" (National Theatre, Warsaw, 1959), as well as occasional posters for various important state celebrations (e.g. "Polish Navy Day", 1956). Made between 1949 and 1966, the posters show a changing share of photography and the gradual introduction of formal experiments: multiplications, negative inversions, magnifications. Always, however, they are, as Eryk Lipiński once wrote, organized by two or three elements, a combination of visual sign and photography.
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