The qualities usually ascribed to Zamecznik’s posters – sophisticated simplicity subjected to intellectual rigour, elimination of decorative elements that obscure the composition (Jerzy Olkiewicz, "Kultura", 1967), or the ability to build meaning through the use of a powerful visual sign – overlap with the criteria for successful trademark design. This is a marginal aspect of the artist’s practice, but one underlined by the same artistic philosophy as his posters. Among Zamecznik’s trademark designs are those for the Arkady publishing house (1st prize, 1956, still in use), the Tarchomińskie Zakłady Farmaceutyczne pharmaceutical company, the Zakłady Elektroniczne Unitra electronics plant, the Ludowa Spółdzielnia Wydawnicza publishing house, the Warsaw Museum of Physical Culture and Tourism, or a logo for the 1st Warsaw International Poster Biennale (1st prize, 1966).
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