Europe Travels

Zofia Chomętowska most probably made two automobile expeditions across Europe. The first one still as Drucka-Lubecka, which was her maiden name, the second one in 1929 being a honeymoon trip with Jakub Chomętowski. It appears, that the main destination of this journey was Italy, with Venice, Florence, Pisa, Rome and Pompeii in particular. While travelling to the Eternal City, Zofia Chomętowska visited not only Austria and Tyrol, but also Budapest. Most certainly she went to Tunis and Zagreb as well. Today, it is difficult to reconstruct a map of the two expeditions. Negatives, often mixed up by the author herself, do not always allow for accurate identification and dating, the reorganizing process is still taking place. Chomętowska’s early photographs from across Europe arouse curiosity and interest, amongst them we can find unordinary framing of streets and people, far from the typical tourist photos registering always the same places and buildings. One of the things that fascinates the viewer in Chomętowska’s photographs, is the courage and boldness in documenting the alien reality.
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