South America

Zofia Chomętowska with her children: Piotr and Gabriella, and her sister Ludwika Bogurska, arrived in South America in late 1947. Their final destination was Buenos Aires, where some of her distant relatives lived already. The city astonished the entire family upon the first encounter. Chomętowska photographed everything, as was her habit. Starting with the spectacular process of unloading the family’s European Mercedes from the ship to the land, through the busy wide streets, modern cars, to the impressive and novel natural landscapes. Soon after making it to Buenos Aires, she tried working as a professional photographer. She obtained a special permission to photograph Evita Peron and the manifestation of the General Confederation of Labour. Her pictures, however, would very quickly become more and more private and homely. The themes dominating her photographs from the ‘60s include family – predominantly her beautiful daughter, as well as the new, Argentina-born generation of the Chomętowski family.
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