Warsaw Lives

Chometowska did not abandon photography after the end of the Second World War. A large part of the existing substantial collection of prints, showing the ruins and the reconstruction of Warsaw, was included in the first post-war exhibition at Warsaw’s National Museum titled “Warsaw Accuses!” (May-June 1945). This landmark presentation, which later became an international traveling show, was a strong statement (in the political sense also) about the condition of the Polish capital after the war. Excepting Tadeusz Przypkowski, Chometowska was the author of the largest number of prints. The photographic section of the show also featured works by Maria Chrzaszczowa, and, in its subsequent installments, by Edward Falkowski. Chometowska’s photographs taken between 1945-1946 and titled “Warsaw Lives” testify to the unusual development of the author’s documentary talent and the attempt at moving away from easy emotions or the banal. The complete series of photographs is currently in the collection of Warsaw Historical Museum.
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