The Foundation

By archeology of photography I understand an action aimed at discovering, researching and commenting on events, facts or situations, that took place once, in the so-called photographic past”.

Jerzy Lewczynski


The Archeology of Photography Foundation is the first institution of its kind in Poland. It was founded in August 2008, in response to an actual need for protecting and bringing to light archives left behind by leading Polish photographers.


The Objectives of the Foundation are:

– to make the heritage left behind by photographers accessible

– to issue licenses for use of the photographs of researched authors

– to initiate art and research projects on the basis of these archives

– to digitize photographs and make them accessible via databases on-line

– to archive and preserve negatives, positives and documents

– to develop archiving standards for photographs

Currently the Foundation conducts research into the photographs and documents of Zbigniew Dlubak, one of key figures in the post-war history of photography in Poland. We are also setting out to explore the archives of Zofia Chometowska, Maria Chrzaszczowa, Janusz Bakowski, Wojciech Zamecznik and Tadeusz Suminski.




Rafał Lewandowski
Anna Duńczyk-Szulc



Karolina Puchała-Rojek – president
Marta Szymańska – vice president

Members of the Board

Armelle Dlubak
PhD Adam Mazur  
Stefan Okołowicz
Prof. Joanna Sosnowska
Krzysztof Pijarski

Luiza Nader



Marta Przybyło-Ibadullajev
Maciej Turczyniak
Urszula Komorek


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