”Archiving the Artist”

At the beginning of June we participated in the conference ”Archiving the Artist” held in the Tate Britain. The priority of our visit was to learn more about the methods of storing and cataloguing of archive materials employed by London institutions. Thanks to the hospitality of conservators, we had an opportunity to observe the Tate Britain Paper Conservation Department at work, we also visited a part of the Victoria & Albert Museum Photography collection.


Interested in the unique strategies of research and promotion of artists’ documentation represented by the Stanley Kubrick Archive and the John Latham Archive we paid visits to both institutions. During the Tate conference Antony Hudek and Athanasios Velios, both working on John Latham Archive, presented a two-year program of research, exhibitions and publications titled “Archive as Event”, the aim of which was to enact an idea concomitant to John Latham’s creative process. A brochure on the project published by the John Latham Foundation is available in our office.






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