The Chroniclers at the Museum of Literature

As part of the Retelling the City project, the Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature in Warsaw is presenting two exhibitions prepared by the APF: The Chroniclers. Photographs of Warsaw 1945-1947 and Stadium 55. The former shows little known works of Zofia Chomętowska and Maria Chrząszczowa who, having returned to Warsaw in 1945, documented the city’s ruins and gradual reconstruction. The fascinating visual dialogue produces a captivating image of the Polish capital – an ‘invincible city’ – in the early months after liberation, while reflecting the two woman photographers’ distinct artistic personalities. 

Stadium 55 presents over 30 photographs by outstanding photographer Zbigniew Dłubak documenting, in a highly vivid manner, the construction of Warsaw’s iconic Decennial Stadium.

The Chroniclers exhibition was originally presented at the History Meeting House in Warsaw.
Stadium 55 had its premiere at the Kordegarda Gallery in Warsaw.
Both shows are on view from 22 October through 1 December 2013 at the Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature, 20 Rynek Starego Miasta, Warsaw.


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