Iconosphere I, 1967

The labyrinthine structure constructed with photographic prints from the “Existences” series was first exhibited in 1967 in the Wspolczesna Gallery. Near the entrance Dlubak presented overlaying images of a female body. Further on were nudes and photographs of the artist’s immediate surroundings – the apartment and furniture in the studio. The prints were attached only by their upper border. In “Fotografia” magazine (issue 5 1967) Urszula Czartoryska wrote: “in the second part, deeper into the labyrinth, a great number of prints depicting nudes and household equipment were ‘hung out to dry’ chaotically creating an impression of an informal studio exhibition.” The viewing was closed by three plates with an imprint of the body of a female model made directly onto photosensitive paper in life-size scale. One of them was used as a backdrop for screening slides of an open and closed hand, which, along with the dynamic lighting, produced an impression of movement.
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