Ocean, 1972 – 1973

The work “Ocean” was based on a series of photographs taken by Zbigniew Dlubak in 1972 during his boat cruise to the United States. Dlubak saw the work as a form of manifesto which referred to more than perception: the essence of life. Photographs of the ocean served as visual backdrops for reflection. The piece was to offer the viewer an opportunity to confront eternal nature. The note accompanying Zbigniew Dlubak’s individual exhibition held in 1973 at the Permafo Gallery read: ”- to annihilate the impulse to evaluate, - to accept the banal in the most ordinary way, without emphasizing the exotic aspect of everyday reality, - to identify oneself with the outside world in order to abandon the false feeling of being superior to surroundings - to reject the conviction of making a sacrifice of oneself for the sake of art - to abandon the thought of the imperfectness of rejecting everything - to be.”
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