Animation Through Photography, workshop in Minsk

From 20th to 24th of October 2012, the Center of Photography in Minsk hosted a workshop Animation Through Photography co-organized by the Archeology of Photography Foundation. Organizers: Archeology of Photography Foundation, Center of Photography, Nova Gallery of Visual Arts, partner: Polish Institute in Minsk.
The workshop was designer for teachers, tutors from houses of culture, activists from cultural associations, and Belorussian photographers willing to learn and implement in their practice the new methods of working with youth. The aim of the training was to provide the necessary competencies for planning and conducting photography classes, or animation classes that involve photography. Led by: Ekaterina Gurtavaya, Pawel Kula, Agnieszka Pajaczkowska, Julia Odnous.
The second part of the meeting included a pilot workshop for the youth. In the course of the three-day workshop run by a Polish and Belorussian photographer, with teachers acting as observers, the pupils were presented with the subject of the contemporary cityscape—having visited the exhibition Land-Scapes at NOVA Gallery, they photographed the city, and selected the best works for their group show. The public presentation of the workshop photographs was accompanies by a summary talk. Led by: Ekaterina Gurtavaya,  Paweł Kula
Supported through the RITA program of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation.

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