“Archive Discoveries” - Centro de Arte y Comunicación

Among the materials that make up Zbigniew Dlubak’s archive are catalogues of key exhibitions from the 1970s. Our recent discovery includes publications from Centro de Arte y Comunicación from Buenos Aires. Run by Jorge Glusberg, the CAYC in the 1970s was a significant center of interdisciplinary research on the art of Latin America of the day, which drew upon conceptual practices.

The archive materials amassed in the Foundation also provided a catalogue from the exhibition Hungria 74, being an important source for research on the art of post-socialist countries, as well as a publication by Donald Burgy that accompanied his exhibition of 1973. We have also come across a catalogue from an exhibition organized by the CAYC in cooperation with London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts: Art Systems in Latin America. All of the above publications are available at the Foundation.>>>more photographs





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