Dłubak Soundsystem

Dłubak Soundsystem is a unique work: a dialog between Zbigniew Dłubak (1921-2005), one of the classical figures of the Polish neo-avant-garde, and the experimental music of contemporary performers, cellist Mikołaj Pałosz and saxophonist Ray Dickaty. This exceptional audiovisual performance, conceptualised by Mikołaj Pałosz, will see its premiere on the final day of the International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn.
Hundreds of photographs taken by Dłubak for his Gesticulations series (1970-1978), arranged into sequences, form the visual layer of the work—a large-format video produced by Kuba Kossak. This narrative, woven from images of hands and naked torsos and their mutual relations and transformations, provides a visual score for the musicians.
As a duo, Pałosz and Dickaty have successfully created a synergy between the image and sound in which two systems of signs—visual and acoustic—come together in a single whole. The relationship between image and music is not straightforward, as in the case of illustration or visualization. Rather than a musical interpretation of the content, the performance of the cellist and the saxophonist offers an analytical reading of the photographic series and sequences of images: their similarities, differences, and dependencies. Pałosz and Dickaty’s music is also a search for a compromise between the precise instructions of the visual score, and the unconstrained liberty of free improvisation.
Dłubak Soundsystem
Mikołaj Pałosz – Ray Dickaty – Włodzimierz Kossak
September 29 2012, 4.00 p.m.
Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Jazdów 2, Warsaw  admission free
Artistic concept – Mikołaj Pałosz
Music – Mikołaj Pałosz (cello), Ray Dickaty (saxophone)
Editing and video production – Włodzimierz KossakOrganizer: The Archeology of Photography Foundation
Co-organizer: Galeria Muzyki of the Centre of Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle
The project is financed by the Municipality of Warsaw.

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