Wojciech Zamecznik, If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller...

The photographs, small notes, studies, and working prints of Wojciech Zamecznik (1923-1967) share an oneiric feel and a surrealistic visual quality. Virtually each originates in a differ ‘order’, each served a different purpose, comprised a different narrative, and yet are all formally close. The photographs and film excerpts presented in the exhibition at the Archaeology of Photography Foundation lift the veil of reality. Featured are, among other things, a series of altered, unreal images that were used in the opening sequence of Janusz Morgenstern’s 1962 movie Opening Tomorrow; an excerpt from an abstract series of images of ink in water; miniature, unusual views of everyday objects (probably some of Zamecznik’s earliest photographs); or a colour series of carnival-style photos and slides from the early 1960s. Selected fragments of 16 mm films from Zamecznik’s archive, which has been digitised by the APF, will be screened as part of the show.

Like the readers of Italo Calvino’s famous novel, we can get lost in these miniatures, often insignificant and minor, to enter a new story, in which we find an echo of the earlier one.

The exhibition introduces fragments of Wojciech Zamecznik’s film recordings, a larger selection of which will be presented as a film, conceived by Adam Palenta, in May 2013.

Curator: Karolina Ziębińska-Lewandowska, assistant curator: Julia Odnous
opening: 23 April 2013, 7 p.m.
on view through 7 June 2013

The featured photographs have been scanned and archived as part of a digitisation programme co-funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

[Wojciech Zamecznik, untitled, 1960s, © Juliusz Zamecznik / FAF]




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